ORANJE BOVEEENNNNN (Orange on top in dutch)

12:06 AM

OK!! So even if your not a soccer fan, you can get easily sucked in the madness of World Cup 2014. And sometimes it's the most easiest decision to go watch a game. For example, my boss (yes, I still have a 8-5 daytime job) always let's us watch the game at his house with drinks and snacks. But only when the Netherlands are playing. So or you keep working or you go watch the game at his house. Hmmmm...what shall I do?? Easy as the ABC right.
I even wore my orange shoes (actually not really, but they don't believe me. I totally forgot about the game and just wore the shoes cause I had some orange in my blouse).

So last Friday was like the biggest surprise for everybody. The Netherlands just beat Spain, the World Cup 2010 champions and the Euro Cup 2012 champions. And not just a little bit...big time!!!

5-1 for the Netherlands.

And I know diddly squat about soccer. Just that the ball needs to go in the goal. So for that reason the first goal was aaammaazinngg.

via ABCnews FiFa

And with that awesome goal comes some crazy reaction:

I have like 5 more of these video's, but I think one is enough of this madness.

Tuesday the madness will continue with one of the biggest, but coolest, Brasil supporter: My Hubs!!! So no orange talk in this house :). 

Happy week ya'll.

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