Soccer Fever

7:31 PM

Have you ever been banned from the TV-room or forbidden to change the channel? IN YOUR OWN HOME?? Yesss .... it is possible...and it is happening in my own home. My husband told me that for one month the tv is going to be ONLY on ESPN or GOLTV. So I pretty much have to seek attention from my laptop or iphone. Next week the madness will begin. On this tiny island people are already changing shedule or taking some hours off from work to see the matches. Especially when Brasil or The Netherlands are playing. In this household we (meaning he) are (is) Brasil.

So if you can beat them, "join" them. I'm "joining" them with this video. Enjoy.
Do you have some crazy relatives and friends hooked on soccer?

Just a UPDATE:
I've noticed that this little video will not show on my iphone. I've tried it also on a samsung (don't know if it applies to every phone), but for some reason it won't show.
So just click on this link to enjoy it  if you are checking it out on your phone :Gol with MacDonalds - FiFA 2014

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