Monday Pins Inspiration : Gift Wrapping

7:45 AM

I'm a big fan of cute gift wrapping or packaging. I usually use tons of ribbons to make the wrapping a present on its own. So for this Monday Pins Inspiration it's all going to be about great, unique gift wrapping. Maybe they should wrap Monday for me like a present, so it won't be so though to get up on the Monday. What do you think?
Happy Monday!!!

I especially like the pinwheel and hand cut bow...using scrapbook paper scraps

Gift Wrapping Ideas by Elena Kovyrzina, via Flickr

DIY Wrapping Ideas! Spritz #soluxairfresheners onto the wrapping for the scent of the holidays.

Floral wrapping idea : a small brad either enamelled with colour or not, would give another dimension and 'anchor' the Sum parts of the design together.

Check out my Pinterest for more great gift wrapping inspirations.

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