Thursday Travel : Australia

7:56 AM

Like week wasn't enough. And after dropping by yesterday at the creative workspace of The Design Files, I couldn't resist by exploring more awesomeness in this lovely country that is Australia. There are so many OH MY WOW stores, that I need to stay I don't know how many more days, weeks, or the possibility to just live here?

Let's start the journey at this amazing space called Space Craft. They do their own printing for art and textile and they expanded their studio by adding this amazing store. I mean how can you not fall in love and just buy everything? Especially the PILLOWS!!!

Next stop is Happy Valley. This a design/book/art store. Even though internet is my main source to find and read most things, I really still do love bookstores. I still buy magazines (interior magazine especially) and this shop will be just up my alley. The decor of the store is also appealing to the eye.

Ganim Store was just open for a week last year. The designer has her studio in UK, but I couldn't resist not to share her collection. This store isn't available anymore in Australia, but you can always take a look at her online shop.

So this week it was all about visiting some awesome stores. Next week who knows where Thursday Travel will take me. Happy Travel ya'll!

Shop Spacecraft: thedesignfiles/spacecraft
Shop Happy Valley: thedesignfiles/happy valley
Shop Ganim's Store:

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