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Do you know what the word is for a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world? ..WANDERLUST...
If somebody paid me to take a Wanderlust adventure for a month (and I'm packing my husband with me), I would be so on that plane right now to take me to the places I already love and to experience it once again and the places I've never been yet. Going to places and get to know the private spots not every tourist go to, eating the food and meeting the locals, is a special treat. Traveling is great to expand your creativity and to get inspired. So lets take a trip to the lovely Italy. Almost made it there this year, but some things just didn't went as planned and screwed everything up. So lets take a drive to the beautiful hills of Tuscany, take a boat trip in a gondola in Venice and just fall in love with each other all over again. Who's with me?

Wedding in Italian Riviera
Italian Rivera
Wedding in San Marino
San Marino
Wedding in Apulia
Destination wedding location in Tuscany
Wedding in florence
And how about the cute shops and cafes? So much to see and eat. Check out this vintage concept store called Boutique Nadine. I'm just falling in loving with this lovely store. Boutique Nadine is located in Florence.


They have old trunks, silk dresses, tin boxes, home-ware, carefully selected vintage accessories, tables, chairs and many more. I mean, what's not to like?


"Diamonds are a girls best friend" they say, best friend is ICE-CREAM. And you can't go all the way to Italy without eating some real gelato ......YUUUMMMMIIEEE!! I may guess that they are lots of ice-cream parlours and trucks. So lets just pick one. How about I Caruso?

You can never go wrong with Gelato (or ice-cream). So awesome those Popsicles?!! Uhm..can I have like all of it to go? I Caruso is located in Rome. 
Felice giovedi ya!! 

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