Thursday Travel : Sydney, Australia

7:59 AM

It's Thursday Travel and we taking a trip down to Australia. I was inspired by a conversation I had with an awesome person (more of him next week *wink wink*). And we are changing the scene about the travel post, 'cause I'm always eager to go to the cute shops, but where am I laying my head at night and taking a warm shower everyday? After having that check off my list, I can easily go to shops and restaurants. Shall we?

I found this great hotel, QT Sydney, and the decor of this hotel is just amazing. It's a bit on the higher end but a drink at the bar wouldn't kill my pocket (I guess). Hey, we're on vacation, so prices are just a number, right?!

Ok, so after checking in, because we ARE staying at the QT Sydney. I flew all the way over here so, I'm going to have damn good night sleep. It has been a very long flight (1 day and 9 hours to be exact, I went via Miami and Los Angeles) and bed rest is what the doctor ordered.

So the next day, excited to see what's up with Sydney. Let's check out some shops.

We're going to a great shop called Husk. They've got great fashion and housewares. Once again prices are just a number ;)

After a great shopping spree (or just taking photos outside the stores), we have to eat something.

We're taking a eating break at Bodega Tapas Bar. I can't think right now..just EAT!!!

Have you ever been to Sydney or another part of Australia? Fill me in, how was it?

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