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It's the afternoon of the Monday already, but I wanted to post some lovely pins inspiration anyway. I had some great days off last week (more on that tomorrow) and have a craving for some great ideas for the future. Have to work hard to realize them, but no dream can be realized without hard work. But that's another story. Ok, so my days off I spent them in Miami. My husband and I went there last week and we went for one reason only: Brasil-Colombia soccer match. YESS!! The man is a fan and who am I to argue not to go on a Miami stay for a few days. But to be totally honest I really miss those cute little stores, with awesome interiors and decor. It's always the shopping malls that see my face and because we missed a whole day (because of delay of the airlines), I didn't had the chance to see Miami Design District. Which I highlighted a few months ago here. So for this Monday Pins Inspiration, we are going to look at some awesome interiors of shops.
Happy Monday ya'll.

love the rug on the wall (and the table as well) | Out of the Blue Concept Store Eindhoven Strijp-S
Store Tour : HOME 21
Shopgirl Visits: Merci in Paris with words by Holly and photos by Jillian
A High Concept Store in Amsterdam : Remodelista.  Love the colors: blue chair with yellow throw....

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