W=stands for Creative Workspace : Home Away HQ

8:47 AM

I'm always talking at work about going on vacation. When I have a few days off (like last week) or take a long trip away, I always talk about going on a new trip when I'm back in the office. So one colleague said to me that I should start mine own vacation home rentals. It was quite amusing. But when strolling on the web to find some creative work spaces, I stumbled upon this huge awesome workspace from Home Away. The headquarters is located at Austin, TX in the US.


Like seriously they have a hammock hanging around. So you can actually get some work done lying in it. Talk about doing your job on a chilled out way.


And how about this rooftop? You surely get some great inspiration in each space that is put together in this office. This is really the new way of working in an office. It can be hard to believe, but you get more work done in a environment like this than a standard stiff office space. Time for some changes in your office?

Source: design-milk

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