Creative Workspace : KNOED Creative

12:50 PM

Wherever you work, the space needs to inspire you to be creative in your work and to let you get work done. One thing that for me is very important in a work space, is that everything needs to organized. Not so much when you working, but in an all-around mode. I love when the space is clean and organized. That is really shown in the working space of  KNOED CREATIVE, a branding and design studio. My favorite element of this space are those huge windows that brings the light in, making the space very open. Once again a white to white floor to wall concept in this space, making it bigger than it really is. The concept of Less is More is definitely shown here, but what more do you need?! Very industrial look but with the openness of the space, it's such a pretty space to look at. Two thumbs up for this space.

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