Bloggers Group Hug : SOMEDAY

10:00 AM

Bloggers Group Hug was set up and introduced by this lovely young lady called Jasey Jade. When giving a hug to someone it's usually to give support or to unite or maybe you have some similarity with one another cause you love to hug. Well, that's kind of the idea of this. Lets Support, have Unity and maybe have some Similarity with each other when it comes to our blogging. When you join this circle of huggers, you'll get one word each week from little miss Jade. And you then have to post a little "essay" no more than 200 words about that word that you'll get from her. So this weeks word is : SOMEDAY.

When we were kids we always said: "Someday I'll travel the world or Someday I'll have my dream job". When we reach adulthood where did the Someday dreams go? Does it need to stop when we reach adulthood? Cause nowadays our someday seems so faraway. Someday I'll go to Bombay? Someday my day will always be Friday having vanilla & strawberry sundae dancing on Broadway singing hooray. Why not let our someday be nowadays?!!!!

What will you make from the word Someday? If you would like to join into the fun, just click here.

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