Friday Weekend Action + Blog Love

1:07 PM

It's Friday. The weekend!!! I skipped two days from my lovely blog. I'm sorry. Didn't have the strength to post when I came home after an exhausting day at work. Just wanted to sleep and sleep some more. But before I say Bon Wikent and Saludos amigos, I'm sending some blog love for miss Radostina. This blog is part of her beautiful photography portfolio. She a lifestyle photographer located in San Francisco. So if you want to drool over some pretty pictures this weekend, I suggest you check out her blog.

 And if you don't have any plans for the weekend, just remember sometimes the .....

Weirds me out when people(try to)plan out every single aspect of their life.Wheres the fun(or romance)w/o spontaneity?!

Wishing you a great weekend of loads of unplanned awesomeness. 

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