Friday Weekend Action + Blog Love

2:20 AM

So I started an interior design course and I'm so eager to go into it. But when I went to pick up the books, I was like "DAMN"!! First word that came to my mind was: SELF DISCIPLINE. Ok, two words. I really need to make a schedule to pull this one off and all the other stuff that I'm planning right now. But before rushing off into the weekend, let me show some blog love for Niki, a lovely London girl that is living in Sweden. Her blog is called My Scandinavian Home. Her blog is such a meeting point for all Scandinavian interiors. Oh laalaaa...alot of pretty pictures. So go get inspired by her all so Scandinavian blog.

And this pretty much sums up a weekend on Curacao...

hawaiiancoconut: All You Need, by Hawaiian Coconut. 
Have a great weekend y'all!!

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