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Don't you just love shops or restaurants that have the most creative, prettiest, store fronts ever? The ones that will let you walk pass by them everyday and will let you in everything, just because it's pretty enough to draw you in? Well, I really love to be attracted to the outside of a store or restaurants. Because most of the times, if they took the effort to decorate outside, inside will be great too. Let's take a look at some creative store fronts.

This restaurant in Spain is just the cutest with this fake shine of light. It's so cleverly done with yellow duct tape on the walls and painted decor items. It seems like the light above is shining 24/7. Don't you just get a happy feeling about something creative like this? The team of (fos) is behind this yellow bright idea.

FOS_Decoracción, Madrid 

And how about the studio front of mrs. Ferney of Oh Happy Day? Doesn't it make you happy to pass by such a decorative window? It sure does. It was meant to be temporary, but as this is a creative space, I would say why change it? It definitely fits her blog. Party on an Oh Happy Day!
Oh Happy Day Office Window

A shop that has Tea & Roses, is my kind of shop. They decorated the store front with vintage furniture pieces and lots of  flowers. With flowers you can never go wrong.

cute shop

Do you have a favorite store front you pass by everyday?  Do share.

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