Monday Pins Inspiration : Disco Balling

12:05 PM

How was your weekend? I had some activities with some close friends and family. Wish I could extend the weekend for more fun doing. Oh by the way, are you a Fast & Furious fan? Did you see the new trailer of Furious7? Couldn't resist man...really had some tears in my eyes for the late Paul Walker. Great cast though!! That's why today we are celebrating life, family and friends with some disco balls in our homes and spaces. 

You heard it here first folks: Aaron Hartselle is an event styling genius. His ability to turn a mediocre space into one that is dripping in the prettiest of pretty that ever existed never fails to both shock and amaze me. Captured by Bess Friday, this gorgeous dinner party is one I am deeply saddened to…
Yes! A disco ball in the bathroom  Oh, did I mention the bathroom is located in an Irish castle?  (via Abscond to a Castle | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles)

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