Bloggers Group Hug : Light

12:22 AM

The darkness keeps me awake, while the light can give me some rest. The ideas keep flowing and coming to me at the break of dawn, when you just begin to see the light of the sun come up. That's the moment for me actually to take a break and dive in between my lovely sheets. But that's the moment to get up and go get someone else work done. Oh happy I'll be when those days will be mine and the light will me mine to keep and not to share with none other than my sheets.

Bloggers Group Hug is to unite, support and have similarity with other bloggers around the world. This great idea came from this young girl but so wise beyond her years called Jasey Jade.

Each week we get a word from her to develop it to how we as bloggers can be creative with it.

This week we got the word LIGHT.

Picture above taken by me.

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