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4:07 PM

Sorry for the late post today. I wanted to post a happy Friday weekend action at the last minute. Had me an not so good experience last night, as me and my husband went out eating at one of our favorite restaurant and we were in the middle of a robbery while eating. I must say it wasn't the first and won't be the last on the island, but for the past 10 years living on the island,  it's the first time something like that happened in front of my eyes. I was waiting for Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson to jump out behind the bar or something to save the night. Gladly two cops were offduty there enjoying a meal and a drink as well. As soon as these clowns (young ones I might add) ran out of the restaurant, the cops came in action and ran after them and began to shoot towards them. One of them when going out, grabbed my pursue from me and he's the one that got shot and he left my pursue behind when running off. They later (not much later) found him and a girl (who was driving the getaway car). Don't know if they found the other two, but think that will happen soon or it already did. Don't know for sure. I must say I'm pretty shook up and I'm so ready for the weekend. Next week will be 2 more working days and then I'm off for some days of relaxation.

So after that crazy night, I wanted to leave you on a positive note and show blog love for Maria Vazquez.  I've found her through Decor8 (also a fab blog). And I must say I  love Maria's website. It's not really a blog blog, but I couldn't resist the lovely pictures shown there. So colorful and lovely. 

She's a photographer and stylist that lives in Mexico. So please go look at her site and be amazed.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Remember about the GIVEAWAY!! Go, go on. Make good use of giveaways.

So for this week Friday Weekend Action, I want you to..

always remember | #wordstoliveby
Have a great weekend y'all. Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY (once more).

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