Monday Pins Inspiration : Indoor Plants

12:09 AM

Do you love plants but don't have green fingers (like me)? I really love plants but for some mysterious reason the plants always die. So I'm always just buying flowers to put in some water for a few days. So I decided to have plants that don't need allot of attention. I live in a very much desert kind of feel weather most of the year so I'm always looking for plants that don't need allot of water. But what a great feeling to have plants around the house. Here are some pins for your indoor plants inspiration.

Completed mid-century plant stand

Mama continues to water her plant says it never gets enough water or sunlight but under her care it flourishes, similar to her family.
Swoon Worthy: Looking for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in the UK? I've found them!
Lovely contrast in black, white, gray and bright yellow

For more inspiration for your home with flower and plants, click here.

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