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If you have a blog, do you ever wonder what to put on it? It's like every bloggers worries, I guess. My issue is that I would like to put more original content and put more of the pictures I've taken. But to be truly honest, my head is filled with ideas, but these days it's like there is a block. I can just stare for hours (and face-booking) at my laptop screen, without typing or doing nothing, because I'm totally blocked. It isn't always that easy and I don't really know how many or even who is really reading my blog. I started it as a challenge for myself and I'm still loving it. But my energy flow begins after midnight and if you have to start early in the morning for somebody else for 8 hours, it really breaks you down.

One good thing is to write the ideas on paper and eventually it will end up on your screen. So I'm just going to put some ideas out there that I have and I'm planning to do this year.
  • I started last year the YOB=Your Own Boss series and I had the pleasure to do 2 amazing posts. I'm having conversations with a few more people for this year and hopefully I can get some more amazing interview ready for you.
  • I'm going to shut down the Society 6 Shop, as I didn't sell anything and I don't really have the time to upload new stuff every time. So in a few days you won't be seeing the tap to the shop anymore.
  • To replace that, I'm working on a my portfolio page, which I display the work I do with JenPen Creative Studio. That is my small business, which I hope that I can take to be my full-time gig eventually (or sooner than later ofcourse).
  • A few weeks ago I did a post about assignments I'm doing for my at home course for interior designing. So you'll be seeing 23 more of them. For the first assignment I got an A+. How about that?!! Check it out here.
  • I need to change my picture at the About page. Got a new look so, I've got to be in 2015.
So, that about it for now. It takes allot to post everyday and it's a goal to keep that up also. Hope you have liked everything you've read on the blog and if you want to see some changes, please do share them with me.

Are you a blogger? Do you have these blog blocks or dips?

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