Bloggers Group Hug : Bird

12:00 PM

I'm back on track again with Bloggers Group Hug and little miss Jade gave us the word BIRD to explore.

If you can be a bird, wouldn't that be absurd? It will be a moment to be treasured, that you can see a nerd being injured by a lizard, what can be oh so awkward. But when you wake up, you're all blurred with a story that is going to be unheard. You can better get some coffee or tea from the cupboard and make your morning, day and night pleasant. Cause nobody is going to be heard by the girl whose dream is to be a bird.

What can you make of the word BIRD?


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  1. I would love to be bird, so people would fear me like I fear them. I would love to fly as a bird, high up in the sky. Lovely writing you did here! My latest bloggers group hug is finally online too! See you soon!