His & Hers Creative Workspace

8:24 AM

Do you share an office or workspace with your partner or spouse? Do you both sit in the same space and work together even if you are not on the same working team? My husband and I have figured it out to do so. We have one extra room that is made into our workspace. A few weeks ago, I redesigned it and luckly my husband goes along with my crazy changes. The space isn't completely finished, but we are working much better now and things are better organized now (pictures will follow soon). But here are some ideas how to redesigned your his & her creative workspace.


Don't make the space to girly or to manly. Just right, that it won't get in the way of your creative outlet.

Two seat workspace


Do you have a working space at home that you share with your other half? Or do you have a business together? How did you put your space together? Would love to hear your ideas.

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