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11:55 AM

I went yesterday to an open house of the new Co-working space that is just one minute away from the great Creative Lab Curacao I featured last year (see here). Start Up Curacao is doing a great thing by re-introducing a greater concept for working together as entrepreneurs. And after talking to some great people, I more determined now to pull my plans through. I'm the girl who always tries to make my dreams into plans and my can'ts into cans. So if you are like me, your Friday Weekend Action must be this...

kushandwizdom ♡

And we can't go into the weekend without showing some blog love here. Happy Interior Blog, the name says it all. This is one good looking blog and an great inspiration for all your interior desires, ideas and great looks at some awesome shops. This is one HIB (get it? *smiley face*) blog. You go check Igor's blog here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll see you next week here.
Bye - xoxo

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