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1:05 PM

People, people, it's that awesome day of the week again and I've been so ready for it. My work day isn't finished yet, but I'm preparing mentally for an awesome weekend. So before we all go and have a great, amazing, off the hook weekend, I do have to show some blog love to Style by Emily Henderson. I've featured her twice on the blog (here and here) because seriously this woman's work-space rocks. As her work-space, her blog is also amazing, filled with lots inspiration for your home. You can even get some mommy tips from her. As this is one of my favorite blogs, you can also find her on my blogroll on your left. So lets  give some blog love for Ms. Henderson. We applaud you!!

And for the Friday Weekend Action, I suggest you....

I'd love to have someone say this instead of only being there for people to talk about the bad, and theirs aren't even as bad as mine

Maybe a cocktail as it is the weekend. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

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