Scandinavian Vibe: Bloomingville

9:56 AM

One of the first Scandinavian style shops I found a few years back was Bloomingville. I immediately fell in love with this style and never looked back. Bloomingville started in the year 2000 in Denmark. To bad I didn't know about them then. I went in 2003 to Copenhagen and it's a beautiful city. Bloomingville started with only 2 employees and it developed into a thriving business with a team of 40 employees now and 40 agents in Europe. More about their uniqueness of how they make their products, click here.

I really love the simplicity and a bit of rawness of the furniture. The wood pieces have a back to basics kind of feeling. Check out their new Spring/Summer Collection 2015.


Great collection, don't you think? What is your favorite piece?

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