Thursday Travel : Granada, Nicaragua

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I was browsing through a magazine in a bookstore yesterday (I totally forgot which magazine it was, I'm sorry) and my eyes got some love from a picture of a hotel in Nicaragua. So for this Thursday Travel, we are heading to Nicaragua. The hotel I loved was called Tribal Hotel. This lovely boutique hotel is located in Granada. It's a small hotel where the beauty of the culture is combined in the design of the hotel. Let's take a look where we can rest our heads.


I mean seriously, how can you not love this? The interior design of this boutique hotel is spot on. I want my outside porch to look like that. Traveling opens your mind to so much ideas for interior designing ideas. 

After some resting, I'm heading out to see what is out there. Let's see what Soy Nica has in store for us. This is a shop which has some beautiful leather hand-made bags, pursues, key-chains and so on. Who doesn't need a good leather bag that can come in every size and color? I do.

It seems after  some shopping and  meeting new people, you have to go to The Garden Cafe. And if I must believe Trip Advisor, The Garden Cafe is one of the best places to eat in Granada. 

garden cafe granada nicaragua guide to travel food

I'm a salad freak, so this is definitely my place to enjoy Granada even more. Have you ever been to a country in Central America? When looking at the pictures of Granada online and reading stories about people doing Fair Trade business, it kind of let me go back to Mexico in my mind. It was really a wonderful place to visit and the people were also very friendly. So that will let me think that you will get the same vibe in Granada, Nicaragua. 

Hope you had fun exploring Granada with me. Till next week for another adventure.

source: Tribal Hotel / Soy Nica / The Garden Cafe & TGC food

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