Day Trip Curacao

10:38 AM

Hi guys. It's Thursday Travel and we are going to stay on the island. I'm going to do a series once a month about a day trip on Curacao. So you can get a feel and look where I've spent my last almost 11 years and met and married my crazy husband.

Last weekend, I had myself to myself. My husband went on a short trip and so I got a bit of a ME-time. I took myself to the movies, went to a festival with a friend and just took a day to wander around the city. Didn't do much, even though I planned to a lot. I'm catching up back this week as today is also a national day off. 

These images are all around in downtown. Lots of drawings on the walls, making the place more colorful. Hope you liked a piece of my island. I'm going to take off here to go to the beach and enjoy the rest of my day. Till the next adventure :)

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