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I like taking a glimpse in peoples home. So, clearly I'm now hooked on the homes that you can rent on Airbnb. Just pick a city and browse around. Most of the rentals are small spaces and I really love that. Do you really need a huge space to stay anyway? I mean, the city is waiting for you to explore it. But even if planning a vacation is not on your list right now, getting inspiration for your home can always be done.

Ok, so let's take a look at this little home but with a cozy interior in the city of Prague. Beside that it's small, I really love the pops of yellow. Yellow is one of my happy colors and it makes so much sense in here.

This is a studio apartment, so there isn't a separate bedroom. A clever idea to win space is to put a sofa-bed and to create extra storage, place a basket chest as a coffee-table. An extra armchair to create extra seating. Beside this compact, but functional interior, it has a spacious balcony to enjoy this beautiful city.
Why not try to get the look for your space?

1. Sofabed 2. Curtains 3.Armchair  4. Basket 5. Dresser 6. Chair 7. Candle stick 8. Pillow & Pillow 9. Desklamp  10. Floorlamp

How about that? All the elements to make your space Prague gorgeous.  Everything is below $300, so you get a more European style with little money to spent. Add some plants to make the space breath and just sit down and enjoy your transformation.

But if you really would like to experience the real thing, just book it on Airbnb. I'm surely putting it on my list of favorite. Do you like The Look?

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