Monday Pin Inspiration : Colorless with directions

1:28 PM

Hi readers. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I had a very relax, time for myself, weekend. Even though I missed my husband, as he took a short trip, it was a great feeling to have a great deal of time for myself. I took the time to wander around in the city, go catch a movie (which you have to see, it's called Desert Dancer) go to Blues Seas festival and just have some peace of mind in my own my mind at home watching TV. All the things I planned to do, I eventually didn't do anything. But this weekend gave me clarity what I wanted to accomplish in the nearest future. I kind of have a LESS is MORE mindset, where I have to direct my thoughts and plans in one direction and stop spreading them around. So for today I pick one PIN from Pinterest, that inspires my thoughts to go to one direction. I love the color palette in this image, neutral colors. That will always bring a peace of mind in the room.

Even though every plan or idea is a color, I'm trying to make every idea or plan one color. It seems strange, but it will help you organize better. Hope that this simple image can bring some ideas of organizing your mind. 
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