Friday Weekend Action

12:59 PM

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me. I'm really excited, but at the same time I'm oh so nervous. I'll be presenting my little creative studio to a board of judges that are going to pick the most creative entrepreneur on the island of Curacao. 
Sometimes in life you have to take risks to accomplish something and I'm just going to jump with both hands and feet to make this thing happen. Even if I don't win, I gained more experience and met some wonderful people in the process.

So for this FWA, I'm going to tell you a secret:

stop procrastinating!

Don't you agree? It doesn't matter what you are planing to do, the point is to get started. Even if it is to clean your yard. So if you are planning a big task for the weekend, just start and you'll be satisfied with the outcome. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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