Monday Pin Inspiration : Minimalist Space

11:47 AM

It's Monday and my energy pitch is on a very low point. That's why I choose this pin below. I just want to take a book and sit on that chair with my tea and start the week on a relax mode. I had a very stressed beginning of the weekend because of the competition I entered and thankfully I did well Saturday while presenting my small business. So I deserve a relaxed Monday morning, don't you think?

I really love the look of this space. The exposing brick wall gives the space such a personal touch. You would like to know the story behind it, right?! That little nook is genius for early mornings and late nights. Sitting there when the sun comes up or when the night falls in, would be such a beautiful place to come together. As seen on this image, you don't need a lot to enjoy your space.

Cozy Modern: 10 Minimalist Fireplaces | Apartment Therapy

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How was your weekend?

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