Thursday Travel : Day Off

11:10 AM

It's Thursday Travel and it's my day off. Actually it's a national day off. This is the last one for this year. It's Flag day, so no working for us today. I'm going to take a drive to anywhere and enjoy my day off. I decided to make it a long weekend, so tomorrow I'll be off work also. Such a breather!!! The shoot I was suppose to have last Sunday, was moved for tomorrow. I'm excited for that one. 

After a hectic midweek, with tensions from the JCI competition, which if you follow me on my social media sources, I didn't win. So I'm happy to take a break this weekend from work and all craziness and relax in the weekend.
This busted mini van is such a keeper. If I could exchange my car, I would so get one of these. It makes you want to take a road trip to anywhere. Get together some cool friends or just you and your love and hit the highway. 
This beauty is located at Rock Beach in the Pietermaai District

So, I'm going to leave it to that. Have a lovely day and I'll see you back here on Monday.

Image taken by JenPen Creative Studio

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