Friday Weekend Action

9:46 AM

I'll be heading today to my favorite destination : Europe. I've been saying in a few posts already that we're planning a trip for the coming 3 weeks. I'm so excited for this one, because even if I've was born there (in the Netherlands to be exact) and was partially raised there (once again in the Netherlands), we'll be going places I've never been before while I was living there. I'm also excited to go the VT Wonen beurs. That will surely be on of the highlights for me.

I'll be planning to post 2 times a week, as I would be having allot of time to sit down and be on the blog. But you'll can see my actions on my Instagram. So be sure to follow me there. So for this Friday Weekend Action, I suggest you just have fun and try to explore and travel. Traveling is always a fun way to get inspired. Thank you for the reads and I'll be seeing you back soon here. Have a good one.

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