Friday Lookouts

12:09 AM

I'm knocking on the door and Friday just opened. She/He is inviting me in and I'm not saying no. But before I head out for the week, let me share a few Friday Lookouts with you.

Top then from left to right

1. Today for the bloglove I wanted to stay close to home and send some love to a blogger that also lives on this tiny island of Curacao. Her name is Emi and as she describes herself, she's very eclectic. So for being a follow Curacao girl blogger, I'm sending her some bloglove. Go check out her blog, EclecticEmi.

2. The best read post on the blog this week was : GET THE LOOK..& and a bit MORE. This week I gave you a sample of how to combine basic & natural pieces together. Read it here if you haven't yet.

3. People are sharing allot of food recipes these days, so I'm joining them by sharing this recipe of  pan fried polenta & wild mushroom ragu

4. Enjoying this beautiful mood board.

5. This desk.

6. Quote for the weekend : Think Outside The Box.

Wishing you  fun, relaxing and precious company for the weekend. Have a good one guys!!

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  1. I love the idea of fried polenta - I do a soft polenta with a wild mushroom ragout but this is a great idea for leftovers! Also thanks for the designing tips on blending natural pieces into your room. I have trouble with that.

  2. Definitely loving that quote today!

  3. The Polenta sounds good. I had to make it for a nutrition class and I loved it. Need to try this recipe.

  4. This looks delicious. I had to make this for a nutrition class with mushrooms also. It was really good. I want to try this.

  5. Very nice discoveries! Thinking outside the box is on the daily agenda! Thanks for sharing :-D