Get the Look : Basic & Natural

10:05 AM

So I took a quiz on VT Wonen (I took all four...), about which style fits me best and I got:

For you there is beauty in simplicity. Not to much hassle, but tranquility and attention. 
That's how you go through life and it shows in your home : light, live-able and no-nonsense. Less is more is what you believe. You love natural materials and craft fairs. Products made with love and attention, have a place in your home and that makes it personal. Light is the foundation of your home. You make it exciting with graphic prints and patterns. The living style that fits you well is a basic lifestyle. 

It was pretty close. I'm not always of the "less is more" type, but I do love having a home organized and not filled with to much stuff. I really do love products that I know were made with love and attention. That may be that sometimes you have to pay more, but know that you have an unique piece in your home. I love basic and natural colors, but I must add color to the space too, I mean I live in the Caribbean. So, how to get this look?

I've picked out some pieces out of their collection to make this GET THE LOOK.

Add a piece of art that you made or a photograph you took and add it to the room. This will bring a personal feel to it. A basic & natural look can be easily math with vintage pieces. It can add some color in the room, but also blend in.

What do you think about the look? You should try it and find out which style fits you best. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I love the way you kept natural colors and yet the space looks decorated. I feel like when I try to do this it just looks plain and bland.

    1. You've got the try the quiz...but it's in dutch. But it's pretty simple, just choose the pictures and you'll get your results. it will get your creative juice flowing. Thanks for stopping by.