Friday Lookouts

12:16 PM

It's Friday..damn..the week went by so fast. It's crazy. I'm feeling really proud of myself this week, as I launch my small business this week with a cool offer and hopefully things will pick up. It isn't easy being your own boss, because sometimes you just want that steady paycheck, but then somebody says thank you for inspiring them or helping them and that gives me hope again and to keep fighting. So, lets get to the Friday Lookouts, shall we?

From top and then from left to right

1. This blog is now one of my favorites. Beside that it has a simple yet elegant layout, the content is also such much fun and inspiring. I'm sending some blog love today to GORJO DESIGNS. This is the website for Zoe's services and her blog. I found her in one of those blogging facebook groups and it has been such a pleasure exploring her blog. So...don't let me stop you...go on..go show her some love at GORJO DESIGNS.

2. The most visited post this week was : Fall centerpiece in the Caribbean. This was a little DIY. Refresh your memory here.

3. The perfect wedding shoes. Seriously!!

4. My favorite combo in an interior : wood, grey and white.

5. Styling with very less color. Ceramics plates.

7. I want one of these: One big cactus.

Here you go guys, you have some awesome links to check out. I wish you all a great Friday night and an awesome weekend. Adiosss!!!

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  1. LOVE those shoes- I think comfort is key on your wedding day- My shoes were just ok, they served their purpose in the ceremony but you can bet that I spent the entire reception barefoot and I am not sorry :)

    1. I had heels on, but they were comfortable. But if I can go back, this would be soooo perfecttt..

  2. I am totally on the same page as you with everything Except the cactus, might have a slight nightmare just thinking about my experience in the dessert with a cactus! lol So good luck on that one and thanks you for sharing that awesome blog love that we all wish to have! Great post!

    1. Funny you said about the cactus situation, cause I myself fell on one one time :) But I still love to see them in interiors. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love your mood boards. That cactus is just fabulous and those ceramics are so fun.