Wednesday's Creative DIY Workspot

12:10 AM

Last week, I showed you a great way to design your desk area. So, I'm going back to another great way to DIY your desk area, adding again great storage ideas. When you have a small apartment or home, but you need a home office and that one spare bedroom is already planned out for another concept. But look at here.

A Home For Family and Friends In The Northern Beaches of Sydney | Design*Sponge:

This "home office" is just right when you don't need allot of space but still want a desk, that's not the dining table. You can get this idea by adding two ladders, open them and let adding some shelving. You can buy a cheap desktop at IKEA and Voila, your workspot is done. Add some personal items and some lovely plants and baby you are reading to work and be an inspiration for others.

Do you have the same dilemma at home? How do you like this working spot?

source: design sponge

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  1. I love it! I just pinned it because it is gorgeous!!

  2. I loved this ladder idea of modifying it into shelves. It very innovative. Thanks for sharing.