Wednesday's Creative DIY Workspot

3:37 PM

I'm loving the sharing of the creative do-it-yourself workspots and I found another totally no-cost to do desk. This one is completey made of wooden pallets and so easy to do. First, head to your local hardware store or any store for that matters that uses pallets to carry their products on. Secondly clean up the pallets. Maybe they were used to carry food products and you don't want small insects or whatever coming in your home with the pallets. Lastly, put it together and fasten it to the wall. For an extra touch, you can paint it white or which ever color you would like.

They've created here storage space for books. I love how they added a simple chair to the spot. It all depends ofcourse how much space you need for your working area. Soooo...if you in need for a space but have little to no money, this is a great do it yourself working spot. How do you like it? Would you make a desk like this? Share you comments in the section below.

source: peculiarmee

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  1. Wow it looks an incredible. I loved the white fur chair cover. it looks cozy.

  2. Love it! So cute and compact! I'm always looking for ideas on making small spaces useful.