Friday Lookouts

12:28 AM

It's Friday and the weekend is calling my name, your name, our names. And we're calling it's name back. WEEEKKEEENNNDDD Sup!! But, before we shut down the week, let's get a look at this Friday Lookouts.

From top and then from left to right.

1.  I've been getting my Facebook feed filled with inspirational images and ideas from this lovely blog called "For Interieur".  This blog is in french, but easy peasy to translate with the google button. If your love interior design and architecture, well then this blog is just up your alley. And a very fancy alley. So, go on...go give some blog love to "For Interieur".

2. Check out one post of this week on the blog: Color palettes 2016 of Valspar paint.

3. When I saw these shoes, I wanted to get down and dance some salsa. Weekend vibe!

4. Loving these colorful chairs in shades of green.

5. A piece of art to sit on. Awesome chair.

6. Quote for the day: "Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward". Don't look back folks!!

7. You had me at those huge beautiful windows.

Hope you liked these Friday Lookouts. Have a great and relaxed weekend, you guys!!


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