Friday Lookouts

9:57 AM

It's Friday people and I'm ready to go off-grid completely for the weekend. Just my camera and a sea view for 3 days. NO WIFI....Yikesss!! Will I survive?? No instagramming?? As you already heard me say before, I love me some INSTAGRAM. And before I rush off to the middle of nowhere, there's a few Friday Lookouts I wanted to share today with you. Today we're going to have some lookouts on instagram. These are all accounts that I follow and wanted to share them with you. Let's take a look.

From top to left to right

1. You've might seen on my Instagram the lovely images I took of her home, while being there for the Inspire Session. And oh do we love her home. Very light and airy. Well, today I'm sending some blog love to Holly from Avenue Lifestyle. You'll get a glimpse in her work and her home. What more do you want from an inspiring stylist & photographer? Well, people, go send her some bloglove. Holly, I salute you.

2. So, ofcourse, one blogpost I must repeat today is the one of the Inspire Sessions

3. The Inspire Sessions was hosted by Holly, but also by this awesome weddingphotographer Hanke. The cool thing is that she shoots only with film. She's surely knows what's doing. How about this picture of the photo frames laying on bed? Nicely done.

4. Quote for the day is by Arja van Garderen : Do It.

5. Having some plants around in the house is exactly what Maureen wants.
6. I just got her book "SHOOT" as a gift from a good friend of mine. Anki from Zilverblauw has a very pretty pink home

7. I'm always for supporting the local artists. Even though she doesn't lives here on Curacao anymore, she's still from here and this girl, Sherrill has some seriously talent. Want some ladies with attitude hanging around? Check her out.
So, that's it folks. Hope you have a great time following these ladies and get even more inspired by them. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Mine starts now!!

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  1. Oh wow! This is my dream to go off grid for a couple days! You are an amazing photographer--I definitely can learn a thing or two from you! I will take the advise and DO IT this weekend! Have a great one!

    1. Oh my Alison .... Thank you so much!! Yes, it was awesome. You should really do it :)

  2. Some great things to go and check out. Thanks for sharing them and have a great time! Can't wait to see the pictures