Friday Lookouts

12:33 PM

It's Fridayyyy and I had an awesome week. I had the pleasure interviewing to special ladies who had to courage to be their own bosses. They will be added soon in the series of Your Own Boss. Yesterday I went to a social media workshop and it was very easy going but very educational. That's the point from a workshop, right?! To be educated by the person. They really give some good pointers what to do and what really not to do. So, now it's time to put it all in practice. I'm also going to have a very fun weekend and I'm ready for it. But before I rush into the weekend, I must share with you the Friday Lookouts

From top, then from left to right.

1. Let's start and send some bloglove to the lovely Anne from the Livet Studio. This blog and website is a place for Anne to share her work and her favorites with you. If you are an interior design lover like me, well this is the blog for you. So, please go and take look and give her some bloglove at Livet Studio. 

2. Go check out the vintage living room from this past week on the blog.

3. Add some awesome artwork to your space.

4. This kitchenware from Aura Home is so beautiful.

5. How about an open and airy living room?

6. Quote for the day: Find the BEAUTY in everyday.

Hope you'll love these Friday lookouts and wishing you a fun and relax weekend. Byeee!!

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  1. Love that quote, its one of my favourites!

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