How to rock vintage postsers

1:45 AM

Remember the home I shared a few weeks back? They had some lovely vintage posters hanging at the wall. That is a great way to add character to your home. Search for some posters with a history (or not). They could have been hanging in a restaurant for ages or you got that one poster you bought years ago at a concert or that free poster you got at the movie theater a few years back. Well, bring them all back, frame them and hang them all over.

Last year when we went to Barcelona, we passed a store that sells those kind of posters. It gets me every time that we didn't have room in our schedule to go inside. I know for sure that I would have picked out some awesome ones. But let's get into the Thursday Vibe with these lovelies.

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 So these vintage or retro posters will bring a little history to the wall. Do you have something like this rocking on your wall?

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  1. I sure would love one of those adorning my walls they do give a bit if character and would be a party convo starter...well for the arty person in me :)

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  2. Great inspiration. I think those type of posters match modern interiors.


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