Fashion Styling to Interior Styling : Cool to Green

12:20 PM

Ahhh..the fresh sniff of Monday morning wind. An very pleasant feeling is that, don't you think?! I had a busy weekend with friends visiting me and me them. Getting a new project with a crazy deadline. Hey, that's a life of a freelancer! So, it got me thinking what would be a weekly outfit I could be rocking and matching it up with a cool interior style. I really love wearing jeans basically with everything from sneakers, to flats, to heels. But sneakers are my all time favorite to wear. The easiest combination would be adding a white tank top (or any color) and throwing a blazer on it. Making it complete with a cool bold necklace and my all time favorite: a brown shoulder bag.

Furniture & decor items are from Ikea & H&M Home 
brown bag | necklace | sneakers |  blazer | jeans

Okay, so you got your favorite look down. How would you imagine a freelancer rocking this basic cool combo in her home? Actually with the same vibe but adding a bit more color to the scene. I always loved the idea having a little reading area or if you have a small studio, armchairs are the way to go. I picked a light army green and combining it with black and white, light wood and gold color.  Making it all come together with a jut rug.

How do you like this style? From cool to green starting your week on an inspirational vibe.

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  1. LOVE your interior picks... just gorgeous, great style. Thanks for the inspo! Robin from THE INSPIRED (

  2. Awesome picks- I LOVE H&M home- such cute stuff at super reasonable prices!