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Hubertienne a.k.a Huub or Jen and I live on the little sunny island called Curacao (for the ones googling it, it's between Aruba and Bonaire. Part of the ABC islands). Was born and raised in the Netherlands and sometimes I really miss the big city life. But I can't complain, because I've made this island my home again. But I love traveling, so I'm a bit of a travel fanatic.

Where did they name JenPen come from? Well, a very good friend of mine gave me that name. Simple as that. My mother's family always called me Jenny, as I think my grandmother gave it to me because my real name was to difficult for her to pronounce or she just wanted to call me Jenny. Never really figured that one out. Anyways....when I was 14-15 years old I became friends with this awesome chick and she also picked up the name Jenny as she slowly met my family. So she started to shorten it, by calling me Jen and when I went back to the Netherlands, we kept contact and when she called me up or wrote me a letter (yes, the good old letter times) she called me JenPen. And I liked it, so it stuck for when I'm doing this like this great blog. Thanks Farah ;)

The blog began as a place for me to be creative at night, by searching tons of cool stuff about interior design & traveling. I then wanted to share more of what I do and know and places I visited. I wanted to share others achievement also.

I don't have a brick and mortar place to call my studio, but maybe one day soon I can have a place to welcome clients and host small events. JenPEN Creative Studio is focused on interior design, styling & photography. After 11 years working at an architectural bureau, I took the leap and starting on my own since 2015. See the services here.

For collaborations, sponsorship or just to say hi, please send me an email at:

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